Project Description

Premachined electrodes become more and more common. We produce according to your specifications (Erowa, Hirschmann, REF, Sytem 3R or own developed clamping systems).

We offer thread direct in graphite, ENSAT-metal thread inserts, bores, laminated holders (System 3R junior, engraving.

We support your plans for standartization. If needed we are able to keep some of your regular ordered standard parts in our stock.


  • Standard-bores for common clamping systems
  • With/without metal inserts (ENSAT-treads)

Electrodes for Erowa ®, 15 x 15 and 25 x 25

Typ 1, Square electrode

15×15 or 25×25 mm
Standard length 300mm or 500mm
individual lengths possible


  • 4 sides milled, with/without 2×45° bevel
  • all sides cut with minus-tolerance

Typ 2, Head electrodes

monobloc electrodes, square
according to customer specification


  • 35mm shaft, head acc. to specification
  • 40mm shaft, head acc. to specification
  • with/without 2×45° bevel

e.g. 30x30x40 (GH80) = head 30x30x40 with shaft 25x25x40 mm

Typ 3, Head electrodes, round

machined according to customer specifications

Typ 4, Schlitzelektroden

Länge gefertigt nach Kundenspezifikation

Transport Box (EPS)

Box for 15 x 15 Elektroden (108 pcs.), with cap

  • protectes storage for internal transport of electrodes
  • stackable, box dimensions: 290 x 210 x 130 mm
  • material: extrem stabile EPS
  • Box filled with electrodes or empty box available

Box for 25 x 25 electrodes (48 pcs.), with cap

Sheet electrodes

Thickness 0,1 – 2,6 mm

length x width = 150 x 100 mm

Available in fine and superfine grade CP-1300 and CP-1500. Other dimensions possible, please send us your inquiry.

Sheet electrodes

Fin electrodes

Available in fine or superfine grade CP-1300 and CP-1500. Other dimensions possible.

A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (w°)L (mm)H (mm)