Project Description

Special requirements:

  • Processing of high-end, filled and glass fibre reinforced resins
  • Wear resistant systems
  • Multi-component applications
  • Processing of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
  • Reel-to-reel overmoulding with short distances between cavities

EWIKON solutions:

Connector plug

Material: PA 6.6 with 30% glass fibre
Part weight: 3.5 g
Mould: Hot runner mould integrated in fully automated production line
Hot runner system: Direct side gating. Radial nozzle
Cavities: 12

Cover plate for home automation system

Material: PC (coloured surface)
ABS (white back layer)
ABS (black support frame)
Part weight: 60.5 g
Mould: 3-component rotational mould
Hot runner system: Coloured surface and back layer: valve gating with electric drive units
Support frame: open gating with single tip on auxiliary sprue
Cavities: 1+1+1

Motor contact plug

Material: PBT ULTRADUR with 30% glass fibre
Part weight: 2 g
Mould: Fully automated production cell with integrated injection moulding machine
Hot runner system: Slim nozzles in linear arrangement with small distances between cavities

2-component tweezer discs for epilating head

Material: PA with teflon additive (body), PA with ceramic and glass fibre (tweezer blade)
Part weight:0.18 g (body), 0.1 g (tweezer blade)
Mould: 2-component rotational mould with full and partial hot runner system
Hot runner system: Slim nozzles for direct gating (body). Partial hotrunner with gating on subrunner (tweezer blade)
Cavities: 24

Air by-pass valve housing for vacuum cleaner

Air by-pass valve housing Flap for air by-pass valve
Material: ABS ABS
Hot runner system: Direct side gating. Linear nozzles.Direct side gating. Linear nozzles.
Cavities: 8 16

Filter change indicator housing for vacuum cleaner

Material: PCTA
Hot runner system: Direct side gating. Radial nozzles
Cavities: 4