Project Description

Special requirements:

  • High gating point and surface quality
  • Mass production
  • Short cycle times
  • High repeatability
  • Multi-cavity systems
  • Side gating
  • Compact moulds
  • Frequent colour changes
  • IML technology
  • Multi-component parts

EWIKON solutions:

Tamper-evident closure

Material: PP
Part weight: 3.9 g
Hot runner system:Valve gating. Slim nozzles with stepped flow channel diameter for minimised pressure loss
Cavities: 32

Container for disinfectant gel

Material: PP
Part weight:3 g (cover)
5 g (storage container)
Mould: 3-component mould, In Mould Assembly + Overmoulding concept with two rotating index plates. Production of single parts and connection by overmoulding in one moulding cycle
Hot runner system: Cover: Valve gating, slim nozzles
Overmoulding: Direct side gating. Radial nozzles
Storage container: Valve gating
Cavities: 6+6+6

Spray nozzle for trigger sprayer

Part weight: 1.1 g
Hot runner system:Valve gating. Special system with lateral melt feed for gating in confined spaces
Cavities: 32

Valve for pumping mechanism

Material: EVA
Part weight: 0.35 g
Hot runner system: Valve gating with slim nozzles
Cavities: 32

Two-component body for trigger sprayer

Material: PP
Part weight: 5.2 g
Mould: 2-component mould
Hot runner system: Valve gating with slim nozzles
Cavities: 24