Project Description

All EWIKON hot runner systems are available as hot halves. The fixed half is pre-assembled with the hot runner system and just has to be completed with the cavity plate. Then it can be used with practically no on-site adjustments. A growing percentage of customers use hot halves to speed up their mould projects significantly and to simplify the start-up of the system.

Your advantages when using EWIKON hot halves

  • Mould half with already integrated hot runner system
  • Easy start-up
  • Delivered as thermally and electrically tested system with detailed documentation
  • Practically no on-site adjustments required, thus speeding up of mould projects
  • 3-year warranty if used with EWIKON hot runner controllers and EWIKON connecting components

Option for hot halves: Leakage detection

EWIKON hot halves can be equipped with an optional leakage detection system. An optical transmitter and a receiver generate a light barrier in a perforated tube guided through the hot half. If melt leaking into the tube interrupts the light barrier, an optical or accoustic alarm is set off.