Project Description

EWIKON L2X systems with screwed-in nozzles come completely assembled and wired and can therefore be integrated into the mould with a minimum expenditure of time. All L2X systems feature superior thermal performance and an innovative connecting technology for absolutely leakproof operation.

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Operating manual L2X Drop-In system

Your advantages when using EWIKON L2X Drop-In systems

  • Easy integration into the mould
  • Powerful nozzle technology with direct heating
  • Fully balanced manifolds with element technology
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Absolutely leakproof and durable screw connection
  • Direct gating with heat conductive tip or valve gating

Layout of a L2X Drop-in system

  1. Screwed-in hot runner nozzle with direct heating
  2. Fully balanced manifold system
  3. Reliable valve gate technology with cooled hydraulic drive units
  4. Stable installation frame
  5. Connector boxes for electric wiring
  6. Connector blocks for hydraulic supply lines and cooling

Nozzle types

L2X nozzle

  • Screw connection for use in L2X Drop-In systems.
  • Available in various sizes for open gating and valve gating.

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Open nozzles:

L2X open nozzle Ø 6 mm

L2X open nozzle Ø 9 mm

L2X open nozzle Ø 12 mm

L2X open nozzle Ø 18 mm

Valve gate nozzles:

L2X valve gate nozzle Ø 6 mm

L2X valve gate nozzle Ø 9 mm

L2X valve gate nozzle Ø 12 mm

L2X valve gate nozzle Ø 18 mm