Project Description

smart CONTROL monitors and analyses your hot runner system performance over the entire life cycle of the mould and adds more transparency to the production process.

More information:

Flyer smart CONTROL

The digital future for your mould

  • Permanent system monitoring
    All relevant process and system parameters (e.g. running times, downtimes, temperature history) are permanently monitored, analysed and logged. When critical values are exceeded a warning signal is triggered.
  • Reduced downtimes
    In case of system errors the data can be transmitted to EWIKON. This allows a quick remote diagnosis and an early initiation of specific maintenance activities.
  • Optionally available for new hot halves
  • Compact design
    Easy and space-saving installation.

Clear visualization of the data

A browser-based user interface developed by EWIKON allows the easy integration into company networks via PC, tablet PC or smartphone.