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Our high innovative strength and target-oriented research and development enables a multitude of exceptional solutions to meet specific customer requirements – from systems with an extremely high number of cavities to particularly efficient solutions for stack and tandem moulds.

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Micro-manifold technology for high cavitation moulds

For the reliable processing of polyolefines in very compact and stable high-cavitation moulds. Target branches are especially the medical and the packaging industry where an efficient large-scale production of parts with small shot weights is required.

  • Standardised design of high-cavitation moulds with up to 192 cavities
  • Significantly reduced control expenditure. Only one control zone per micro-manifold required.
  • Very compact and stable mould design
  • High maintainability

L2X-Mikro high performance hot runner system

For micro-injection moulding of technical resin parts from 0.05 gram on small injection moulding machines.

  • Tip inserts with powerful direct heating and separate temperature control for reliable processing of technical resins.
  • Problem-free processing of thermally sensitive materials
  • Designed for use on BOY®-, WITTMANN BATTENFELD- or Babyplast® machines
  • L2X connecting technology for precise positioning of the connection cables

Valve gate system for small distances between cavities

This new method for direct valve gating with small distances between cavities or gating in confined spaces uses the body of a HPS III-MH nozzle for side gating.

  • Minimum distance between cavities of only 6 mm. Ideally suitable for the multi-point gating of medical parts or overmoulding applications in the electronical industry.
  • Allows positioning of gating points on horizontal surfaces close to vertical walls
  • Lateral melt feed. Gate is positioned in demoulding direction (0°)

Stack and tandem moulds

EWIKON offers hot runner solutions for stack and tandem moulds in every possible configuration according to the customer’s specification. The leakage-free melt transfer from the machine nozzle to the manifold system in the parting line of the mould is usually realised by using valve gate technology.